Merchant Cash Advance

A lump sum cash advance, in exchange for a return of future debits and or credits received. Customized to your business, we provide you with methods to attain capital, and meet your objective. Our variety of relationships have allowed us to confidently

Small Business Loan

The fabric of our economy, small business, consist of hardworking, entrepreneurs, who consistently drive their business despite financial obstacles. Where traditional loans may not be as available, we are! How? Give us a call, it's simple!! 516.758.2334

Line of Credit

Similar to a credit card, a relationship between a revenue source; lender and a lendee; one that borrows, provided with a pre-determined amount to spend over a period of time based on your financial credibility. Again, similar to a credit card, one must

Hard Money Loans

A loan based on collateral, not your financial ability and credit score. This form of asset based lending, is fast and flexible. Normally shorter in length of the term, Hard Money Lenders, don't spend long periods of time combing through financial statement